custom excerpt text in travelify sliders


how is it possible to add custom excerpt texts into sliders boxes? There’s no such option like “custom excerpt”



There is such options that you can find under each Post/Page edit screen and that looks like this:

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The thing is, that there wasn’t no such field as Excerpt…it wasn’t even possible to enable it from ‘screen options’, but I just found your reference to the small excerpt plugin:

“You can control Post/Page Excerpt via Excerpt field which you will find under Post edit screen. Since Pages in WordPress doesn’t have excerpt field enabled by default you can enable it by using this simple plugin:

After installing/enabling this, I was able to see, what you’re suggesting here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply, keep up the good work!

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Ok, I forget to mentioned that about Pages but I am glad that you already found a solution.