custom footer

I love this theme, but I am having trouble with the footer. I have managed to remove the default text, and stick the footer to the bottom of the page on every page with CSS (which I found very difficult!)… but now I would like to add a small menu to it for links to pages such as privacy policy, contact, cookies etc.

I have tried to add a simple table in the <div class=“row”> section of footer.php (in my child theme) but it extends past the boundary of the footer bar and looks very strange. Is there a correct way to do this that I am missing?


actually don’t worry, i’m getting there slowly!


Awesome great to see you are getting there.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!

Hello there,

I just got to this one, good job on solving it and if you need any help you can always ask use for assistance in the forum.

Best Regards,