Custom Home Page

Hi Guys, I’m trying to create a custom page for my home but it seems like the home page is blocked somehow.

I’ve created a file using full-width page as model, changed the template name, made some changes to test and nothing.

My problem is that for home I want the content space free from the white div, it’s margins and borders, so I can put some highlight banners and social media content.

Is there any possibility for me to do that or some other way you suggest?

Thak you very much!

Best Regards,

Fabio Montone


Try to remove/rename front-page.php which might be blocking your template from working properly on front page.
If your newly created template doesn’t work for regular pages other than front page then there is some problem with your template file.

Aigars, it worked perfectly. Shame on me again. I swear I’v looked file by file searching for this front-page one, but I feel it was like that fridge blindness… it is on your face all the time and you just can’t find that pudding… sorry for take your time with such a simple one!

Thank you again!