Custom Post Type - which template should i edit?


I’m trying Custom Post Types for the first time. I have added a new custom post type and created 14 new fields which i wish to display.

I am using the Dazzling theme. Please can someone explain:

  • which template files do i need to edit?
  • how do i update the post template and customise it to add the new fields i have created?

Many thanks for your advice

If you have created Custom Post Type and want to output Custom Fields you might want to edit content.php, single.php or content-single.php depending on where and how you want to output these custom fields.

In that case you will have to use a lot of conditional tags to make sure to display the right information for the right post type. Here you can read more about conditional tags in WordPress.

An easier approach would be to create separate files for Custom post Type that you created. For more information you can follow this documentation.

And here you can read more about how to to output custom fields that you have created. Here is one working example that I provided in one support thread some time ago.