Custom print.css

I’m trying to create a custom print.css for page printing (without header, footer, etc) but cannot locate where the theme is calling calling the style.css file normally located in the header.php.

I can provide a link to the site privately, but would rather not post in the open.

Thank you

style.css is printed inside header of website source but it is not added there directly but instead is enqueued from functions.php file that you can find in Travelify folder - library - functions. Here you can see this line of code.

You can use the same wp_register_style and wp_enqueue_style to add print.css or any other custom stylesheet.

Let me know if this helps.

Ok, apparently my php skills aren’t up to snuff… every time I try to register and enqueue my style, I get errors on the site with the registration, can you give me some guidance on the code?



Maybe it is enough for you to use plugin such as this one?