Custome header using child theme && Google Fonts

Hi, had been spending few days to change the header menu using child theme.

Would like to have a search form inline with the main navigation menu, while moving the menu to left, as showing below:

On large view

On mobile view

In the time being, I add a search form using the code below:

<?php sparkling_header_menu(); ?>
					<div class="navbar-form navbar-right form-group col-md6 col-sm-12"><div class="form-group"><?php get_search_form(); ?></div></div>

Output: ItIsTime.asi

Also, I found that there is a code to insert google fonts into the theme,

// Add Google Fonts
  wp_register_style( 'sparkling-fonts', '//,400,600,700|Roboto+Slab:400,300,700');

Neither the font ‘Roboto Slab’ not some other Google fonts I added using the same way is available in theme option.

I facing difficulty doing so, can you please guide me how to change it?


Found solution for extra google fonts in theme options
after adding google fonts, go to options.php and at the $typography_options section, add the google font added, then the extra google fonts can be found in theme option.

But anyone can help me for the search form in navigation bar?