Customisation and CSS not working

Hello. I have a few issues, some of which only popped up since I’ve updated the shapely Theme. However, I’ve fixed so many of them myself or manually that I don’t want to rollback any more. There seem to still be some issues I can’t seem to solve although I have managed to do so before:


  1. The Page title and Tag line do not show at the same time as the logo, regardless of the fact that this option is ticked in Site Identity. Image attached.

  2. Main Menu text colour simply will not listen to any CSS I put in, it stubbornly stays grey. I’m trying to make it the same orange #e39700 as my client’s logo upon hover, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried lots of different codes and this one last:

} #main-nav li a { color: #e39700 !important; } #header .top-header .header-navigation ul li a { color: #e39700 !important; }

.open-responsive-menu .fa{
color: #e39700;

  1. The logo shows up very small despite the original image having a high pixel count. The only option I found was one which stretches the small image. How do I fix this?

  2. I’d like to have multiple categories for the portfolio. I came across this thread but the code changes too much of the other stuff, so I’m hoping for the custom code that I can copy paste myself?

  3. On the homepage there’s a thin black stripe that randomly starts about 60px above the bottom of the “slide” and looks like a digital version of a scratch. I’ve attached an image, how can I remove that?

Thank you!