Customise blog

Love the Shapely theme! I’ve made a load of changes to my blog page but they seem to be over-ridden by the customize function which gives limited options (I really want the attached to be the outcome) but instead it’s this:

Can I over-rude the customize functions to just show the blog page I’d like?

Over-rule not over-rude. Autocorrect!

Hey there

Not clearly understand your problem, can you please tell me what exactly is your problem? what do you want to achieve?

I would like my blog page to look like the layout I’ve edited in Wordpress (see attached). However, the blog page options that Shapely has in customizer seems to disable what I’ve edited in Wordpress and just gives me options like grid/large image/etc

For example.

In the attached, I want to have links to my categories, then 5 recent posts, then the grid layout.

How can I make that happen?

What CSS can I use to make my blog page look like the attachment in my last message?

Hey there

Xenradio, it’s not only about the CSS code, changes you want to made needs adjustment in layout and major customization of CSS styles, I’m so sorry but such questions fall outside of our support policy :frowning: