Customize Logo Size and Header Space in Shapely Theme

Hi @Movin,

Per your request, I’m starting a new Topic.

I would like to adjust the settings for the header logo and the space allowed for the header logo in the the, while also maintaining good aesthetics with the menu. Right now, the default setting results in an extremely small logo. I have modified the logo just for this space, so as to reduce the height at least a little bit. But I still need to achieve a bigger logo that fills the space better and most likely results in permitting a bit more height in the design for the header space.


Hi @playalovesme,

Give me your live url so I could check what is the best solution for your website.




I have the same problem.
I want the logo big and not in a little square. How can i do that?

Is it possible to change the menu font and color?

I see this website made the logo stick out down under.

How can that be done?

Hi @fenas09,

Please post a new thread,since this is the thread open by @playaloveasme

Thanks for understandin, we will answer you there,


Hi Christian,

I got swamped there. But really need to fix this issue.

Live url is

can I get some help with this please? @laranz @movin

What should I do to change the logo size and header space? Thanks.

Hi @movin, @laranz… still looking for help with this please!!!

I check back daily to get help on this… can someone please help? @laranz @movin

Hi @playalovesme,

We already discuss the same in your other thread. :slight_smile: