Customize not working.

When I try to customize the layout by going to appearance -> Customise, the right column is blank as shown in the attached image, and I can not edit the layout.

I have tried deactivating all the plugins but did not work. How can I fix this? Thanks!

Wordpress ver:
Illdy ver: v2.0.4

Hello Yusuke,

Thank you for reaching out to us!
Can you please activate another theme? Let’s say Twenty Seventeen - and see if this happens there as well.

All the best,

Thanks for your quick reply Mihaela-san!

I tried with other themes, and the blank only happened with Illdy.

I also tried with the English version of Wordpress with another website of mine to see if it is due to the Japanese language, but the blank happened again in that case too.

Thank you, Yusuke!
Can you please create for me a WordPress admin user so I can take a look and investigate?
Please make your reply private if it contains login information!

All the best,

Hi Mihaela-san,
Sure! The info is below. Please take a look whenever you have time. Thank you for your help. Really appreciate it!

Website: (
ID: Mihaela
Password: 6wgzcb4upjxcKU)W&flBNya5

Thank you so much, Yusuke! It really helped!

From what I can see you are using older version of both WordPress and PHP, see my screenshot: Screenshot - 0c3169c384be9345181ad5fab6c1e4da - Gyazo
I would recommend to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress by going in your dashboard and click on the message you see here: Screenshot - a97101178b39cbaca8888ff365452c08 - Gyazo
And then talk to your hosting company and ask them to update your PHP version to at least 5.6

Once you do this, please let us know if the issue persists!

Thank you,

Oh my goodness, I feel so foolish!! I updated WordPress, and now it is working perfectly!

Sorry for taking your time. And thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

Love from Japan,

Glad to hear it worked out.
No need to be sorry, Yusuke! I’m happy to help!

Happy holidays!