Customize top header

Hello, and thank you for your beautiful theme !!

I’ve some few questions…

1/ Top header : How can i replace email by any other custom text ?
2/ Top header : How can i remove text “My cart” and “My account”…just want Icon…
3/ Top header : Can i add next to Account and Cart, a custom Button to link Wishlist page ?
4/ When i click to Account, i can’t see any informations about register for news users…
(in Settings => General => Membership , i’ve check “Anyone can register”)

Please help.

PS: my site is not online…

Hey there

  1. From appearance > customize and change theme settings
  2. please give me an url to the page and i will generate custom css
  3. sorry but this is not possible without template files modification
  4. please check if you have the same on the default WordPress theme, if yes then your setting is not properly set, let me know results