Customizer not working properly

Hi there, when clicking on the button to edit

  • the team members displayed
  • the services displayed

in the theme customizer under front page settings, nothing happens.

The plug in corresponding to the theme is installed. As this is a fresh installation, there are no plug ins that could influence on this issue.


hi there

Can you please provide access details to your website here?
I just marked this topic as a private

Thank you for reaching back.


[email protected]

I just noticed that the header’s background video on the homepage won’t load on mobile devices too.

The menu box belonging to the parent menu item on the very right is misaligned too

Hi @colorlibsupport, thank you for your help. Have you seen yet that I provided you with access to the site in question?

Hi there!

I saw this issue on Github and just changed the fallback image, so that’s solved.

This seems to be a bug, but I played around with the inspector and resized my browser window and this appears to just be happening when the browser size has a very specific value, so this doesn’t seem to be important.

However, I’m still stuck with the customizer not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can find the credentials above to log into the site in question:

Log in data

This might be the reason:

Hi there

Sorry for the delayer reply, I already reported this problem into the bug tracking system and it should be resolved as soon as possible