dazzling demo data

I have installed Dazzling theme and it is great. But i would like to import the xml file so that my website may resemble the dazzling demo.
Can anyone assist me on where i can get the xml file.
Thank you

Hello there,

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You can use the following attached file to install the demo content.

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Can you help a new guy on the topic.
I’ve downloaded the xml-file but find nowhere to import and install?

Thanks in advance


Hello Mick

Yes sure, we have documentation for new customers here on this link:

Please follow the steps

Hi Noda

I might not have the ability to explain, I’m from Denmark and my English isn’t first language, sorry.
As in many other themes, there is a download-option to setup ones page exactly as it is in the demo.
As usual, these demo-setups contain everything needed: from retreiving an external stylesheet to any image used in demo, every navigation-setup, slider-setup and anything else which makes this theme.

I wanted it just as: https://colorlib.com/dazzling/ - and when I import with Wordpress import-tool, it isn’t even half as complete as the demo.
The setup itself I dont’ have any problem handling - but downloading and importing demo, I just can’t - :o(

Hope you can help

Best regards, Mick, Denmark

hello Mick

Ok, in this case, please open a new ticket and after a description please provide access details to your site and i will help you to setup demo,
don’t post your admin details here