Dazzling theme not displaying blog posts

Website is http://evomedindia.com running Dazzling 2.1.1

  • About page link and Contact US page link shows empty pages. (They have lorem ipsum content)
  • Posts on the right side just show image and not post content. (They have lorem ipsum content)

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From your WordPress Dashboard, go to
Settings > Permalinks: Set to Post name.

Please, not that the theme doesn’t include a special about us page.
If you notice on the demo its just black link.
What you can do is simply create an about us page with the necessary content.
Ensure the page is set in the menu.

In regards to the Lorem Ipsum text, Is it that you’ve made changes but they aren’t being saved and reflected on the home page?

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Settings > Permalinks: Set to Post name.
Have done this.
What I mean by lorem ipsum content is that I have about 5 paragraphs of lorem ipsum text in all posts and pages, including About page which I created.
However when I click About page link on the top menu, it just goes to a blank page.
The post pages just show the featured image but no content after that.

Attaching About file and Post 3 content as it is in back end.

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Thanks for clearing that up.

I am seeing the issue on you site.
Please try using this plugin to clear you WordPress cache then try viewing the page once more::

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Tried clearing cache. No change.

	<div class="entry-content">

That is the last line of Html code for the individual post pages. So the post function is not being called?

I changed the theme to the default theme and even that is not showing the post in full. I will do a full site re-install and report back.

So I reinstalled the site. Made some dummy posts. Tested it on the default theme. It works fine. Everything displays as it should.
Then install Dazzling theme. Install and activate the recommended plugin called Social Share. Post content disappears in single post mode.
Deactivate the Social Share plugin and it displays properly.
So this plugin
Kiwi Social Share - Social Media Share Buttons & Icons
is the one that was causing the errors.
I hope this helps and thanks for such beautiful themes. :slight_smile:

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I am glad that you were able to solve this and thanks for telling us how you did it…
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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