Dazzling theme setup and customization for beginners

Hi, after having spent a couple of hours trying to get the slider working, and looking at various other Theme settings I’m getting the impression that customising Dazzling is not as straight forward as I imagined. I have never built a web site, have basic html skills and was expecting to be able to build something like the Demo just by point and click, and hopefully having reference to a simple tutorial / video to walk me through the steps. Is there anything out there you someone can recommend. I’ve looked through the documentation but in my opinion this assumes a basic level of knowledge well over my head

Hi @stevedevine,

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You will find documentation about Dazzling theme here Dazzling Theme Documentation - Colorlib

You can customize the Dazzling thee easily using its theme options and by developing custom code.

Could you please tell me exactly where you are facing the issue to build website same as Dazzling theme demo site https://colorlib.com/dazzling/ so that i can help you to achieve it?

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Hi Movin,
Well another day with wordpress and the theme documentation is now making some sense, I will persevere and get back with any specific features I cannot implement,

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You are always welcome here and feel free to ask any question :slight_smile:


I want to add the social links on the post detail page as in the dazzling demo.
Please tell how can I do it?

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To help keep support topics separate, could you please open a new topic for your question here https://colorlibsupport.com/c/dazzling/ ?

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