Default breadcrumbs into Smart Navigation Breadcrumbs

Hello, it’s me again.

I’ve got problems to change default breadcrumbs into Smart Navigation Breadcrumbs. I know that you use Breadcrumb NavXT in Travelify, but I don’t see them in the Dazzling code; is this true?

When I use the Smart Navigation Breadcrumbs (any plugin builder), the breadcrumbs show up in the header (under or above the menú), as the plugin builders say I should set the line
<?php if (function_exists('snb_breadcrumbs')) { snb_breadcrumbs(); } ?>

Now, there are also options in their plugin to set:

  • Custom Action Hook to hook into (I can set that with a “action” setting (open field))

  • Manual set the plugin code in the header.php with “<?php if (function_exists(‘snb_breadcrumbs’)) { snb_breadcrumbs(); } ?>”

  • Use Hybrid or Genesis theme builds

The plugin is made by a guy that likes to help peopl eout as well, this is the link to his plugin:

To disable the standard breadcrumbs Works by the way, also the “hooks” are okay if I get that right.

So, my question is, do you know the name (string, var, or whatever you call it (no programmer here)) to make the Hook? Or is there another way to get the breadcrumbs show up where they should show up?
Thank you in advance, I’ve left the code active so you can see what it does now on the webpage.


I forgot to give you a link:

This theme doesn’t have Breadcrumbs and only Travelify has them by default.

Your code is right and developer was right about where to add this code

<?php if (function_exists('snb_breadcrumbs')) { snb_breadcrumbs(); } ?>

But you added in the wrong place. This code will be used where you will add it, if you added at the top of header.php, of course it will display Breadcrumbs on top of everything.

In your case you might want to add this code at the very end of header.php file or inside each template page separately depending on where you want them to appear.

Hello Aigars,

Now I understand why I could not find anything in the PHP files of the theme. I thought that the breadcrumbs were something standard in WordPress.

Anyway, to put the code at the end of the header.php gives me the same result; it will still be placed in the header. I wanted it to replace the “breadcrumbs” of bbPress and WooCommerce, so easier navigation was possible.

I will try to find those templates for bbPress and WooCommerce and ad the code in them.

Again, thank you for your great help.


I tried to get things working with breadcrumbs, as breadcrumbs seem to be a HUGE plus when it comes to CEO optimization (so I Heard).

In Travelify you have the breadcrumbs and even have them shown on the theme style with woocommerce. Is there a way to get those breadcrumbs to be in the Dazzling theme? Where do I start to put the code? Looks like Travelify has a website wide column that it uses?

Like I said, I don’t need it for someone else it’s plugin, I just want breadcrumbs for CEO purpose :S.

Personally I would suggest using this plugin which has breadcrumbs with many other SEO functions in it. Still you will have to modify theme files but they offer a great tutorials to start with.

Thank you for the link, I use their SEO plugin as well. Support is great from them also, plus I can communicate with them in my home-language (this is why building my Spanish site is so darn hard for me). I will install that plugin now and work on it. I’ll let you know how it went!