Demo content not importing (new installation)

I have just setup a new install but when I click import demo content it doew nothing.

It looks like it happens to everyone, but then people switch to PM and there is no fix mentioned…

Thank you!

Hi there

Well, it does works for users who posted here, but there are hundreds of others who installed the demo and they did not post here :slight_smile:

the reason why im asking for admin details is that its hard to say what’s wrong, so, I need to investigate and check wp environment,

Thank you for your fast answer.

So… shoud I PM admin details to you?

EDIT: I think I need some help even with that… I cannot find PM button :rofl:

Hi there

Yes, just click on my name and you will find the option to message me :slight_smile:

I just see the email


I’ll try that anyway

up! no news…

I’m a little bit in a hurry

thank you!

What is your email? I cant find it in my inbox

Sent again… sorry wrong address

Or maybe you can PM me.


Pm sent

Please check

I have the same problem :frowning: whenever I click on “import demo content” nothing happens…

We’ll need to be patient. I sent the PM two weeks ago… no news.

Maybe you will save some time if you just send your data to colorlibsupport now.

Hi there

@miguelillo87 sorry, but when I tried your access details there was a different theme activate, I decided you change the theme and left it as is

@Juju_Stine send me your access details in private