Demo not loading + Add Skills / Projects button not working

The demo content isn’t loading. It just refreshes the page but nothing happens. Same when I click the ‘Add Skills’ or ‘Add Projects’ button. I haven’t launched the site so I can’t give you the URL. I’ve disabled all unnecessary plugins (still have Illdy Companion and Kali Forms and all that). What do I do?

Hey there

First of all, make sure you have fresh WordPress installation, you should not have any content on the site you want to import content
I’m sorry but without checking the URL of the page it’s hard to get what is the problem,

The URL is Rose Hopkins — Coming Soon

I don’t really need the demo but I do need the ‘Add Skills / Projects’ feature to work.


Sorry, but I see only coming soon page, can you please dissable it?

Coming Soon!

This Add & Edit button doesn’t work for me either

I already answered to your in another topic, please don’t duplicate questions