Different entrance article for category pages

Hi Aigars!
Just started working on your Theme. Really like it and some info over here already helped me out. But I’m kinda stucked right now. I’ll try to explain myself.
I created 3 Pages for the Menu. So, now I would like to upload different Entrance (articles) to every page. And I don’t know how to do it. Can I select an cathegory to each page? So that, when I write a new article it automaticly gets published on the Page I want, and not always on the Homescreen? Thanks!!!

You can select categories you want to use on the front page via Theme Options → Homepage Post Options.
This will limit categories you want to see on frontpage. Further you can add posts to different categories and add them to menu so they can be accessed but they won’t show up in the front page.

Let me know if this helps.