Different font sizes in and

When resized to be narrow (for mobile or tablet, or just a narrow window), paragraphs <p> change font-size. Lists, however (e.g.,

    ) don’t. This means pages with a combination of those elements have different font-sizes. Is there a good reason for this? I can’t see any. Can it be fixed?

    (See https://colorlib.com/shapely/markup-html-tags-and-formatting/ - make narrow and compare font of list section with font of “HTML Tags” section)

Sorry - the html in that post hasn’t rendered. For clarity - the paragraph (html element “p”) changes font size, but the list font (html element"ul") doesn’t.

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Could you please add an image of what you are seeing? As I am not seeing an issue with the formatting.

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See attached. Screenshots from http://colorlib.com/shapely/markup-html-tags-and-formatting/ at different browser widths. Compare the font size of the text “List item four” and “These supported tags come from the WordPress.com code” beneath it (which is a paragraph style). While it might not look all that significant here where the list and paragraph are separated by a section header, it looks bad when paragraphs and lists are immediately adjacent (or when a list appears between two paragraphs).

I’ve seen this behaviour in Firefox, Chrome and Edge.