Different Sized Featured Images for Slider and Post

I want to enable the slider and have a few posts scroll through it but the problem I’m facing is that it used the same featured image as on the regular posts. Since they’re not even close to the same size ratio, if I use 1920x550 (recommended) sized images, they get horribly cut off when used in the post featured image area. Are there any plans on having the ability (perhaps through a custom field) to add a 2nd featured image for the slider that’s unique?

I guess I could use a larger (taller) image in the slider that is of the same ratio as the post featured image, but I’m not too thrilled about taking up the whole page with it.

This might be worth to consider if more user will request similar functionality. However, I am thinking more about adding completely custom slider images and text configuration options, rather than post dependance like it is now. Will see, but this is something that’s not going to happen right away.

The simplest workaround there is to redefine different featured image size via functions.php to get the right aspect ratio for you.