Dimension image prdocut in page woocommerce product, theme shapely

first complimet for your themes and supports.
I find in your forum but i don’t find the answer to my problem.
I’m a beginner with wordpress, but before I wrote to you I tried a lot to solve this problem but I did not find it

This is the problem:
Theme Shapely, if i resize the dimension of product image of woocommerce (see image woo.jpg), i Regenerate Thumbnails of all images, the dimensions of image product in the page remain always on desktop view of 547 pixel of width, always…(see image BEFORE.jpg)
I want make the image at full width (that should be 1140 pixel) but nothing… (see image AFTER.jpg for the result i which I would like to get)

I think I have to modify css, if you can indicate the div to be modified.
Thanks a lot

Sorry, nobody who help me?
Thanks a lot

Nobody that can aswer to my question??
If it is not possible, please say to me.
Thanks for support