Disable commenting on posts

Hi, Support,

I’m wondering if it is possible to remove entire commenting feature from posts? Also, it would be great if I can remove previous/next posts navigator at the bottom.
I would like to remove entire section shown in attached photo.

Thanks so much!

Hello there,

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You can use this CSS to remove the post navigation:

nav.navigation.post-navigation {
    display: none;

To disable the comments, go to Settings > Discussion >Default article settings> Allow people to post comments on new articles and uncheck this option.

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Hi, there!
Thank you so much for helping me, much appreciated.

I just noticed my new posts that I created after I put the code you gave me, the entire comment section is disappeared.Only the ones I’ve created before inserted this code has comment section.
But all is good because I will delete one of them and the other one is going to be so way down by the time this website launches.

So I guess it sort of worked. I will see if this trend continues or not, and if it does, I will seek your help again.

Thank you so much!!

Hi there,
Thanks for your feedback.
In this case, please feel free to reach out once again in case of any more questions.

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