DIsable Mobile View

How can I disable the mobile view and force everyone to use the desktop view?

The website is http://speakonscruises.com

Hey there

Sorry but there is no option in the theme to achieve this, you need some customization for this, the theme is responsive to meet nowadays standards and not an easy to undo this

I don’t want to turn off the responsive aspect of the website. I want to turn off the MOBILE version of the website. I like that the desktop version is responsive and I want that to show on the phone and other devices.

If you look at the mobile version in the screenshot it does not show what I designed for the desktop and it doesn’t allow me to build the same thing as the desktop version.

For example, how can I force the website to go to How to Become a Cruise Ship Lecturer & Presenter for Free Global Travel when they are on mobile?

Disregard this. I found out that my client had a plugin enabled called WPtouch that was forcing the site to mobile. I’ve resolved this.

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions