Disable Sidebar completely or having global settings in theme options


thanks for this great theme. I miss three minor options in the Sparkling theme and it would be awesome to find those in the next version:

  1. Global setting for full width page by default for all new pages (still changeable per page)
  2. Global setting for full width view of the posts summery or blog overview
  3. Global setting for full width page by default for all new posts (still changeable per post)

I personally want to get rid of the sidebar completely and don’t want to mess around with the css-styles on this and still having transferring the hidden sidebar content in the html.

Btw. I found a minor layout glitch: The overall width of pages/posts with sidebar is different than the width of full-width pages. The vertical position from top varies for a very small amount, too. So the content jumps and looks not evan or equal on different pages with/without sidebars. The full-screen start-page has also a slightly different orientation from the top that differs from the rest. I testet this with Safari and Firefox.
But my main goal is to get rid of the sidebar. :wink:

Many thanks for caring.

What do you think?. Are such improvements worth an implementation?

3rd & last try to get developers attention. :confused: