Disable Slider on my Travelify Theme Website

I am Sophia from Japan.
I like your Travelify Theme a lot. Thank you so much for creating this.
I am Japanese and I have created Japanese website with your Travelify Theme.
Here is my website留学Cyprus.jp

My issue is what my slider never work even though I put everything correctly as you your instructions.
Created Post or Page and add featured image to it.
Added 3 of the Post ID that I want to use in the featured slider.
But It never move. It always shows only the first Featured Slide stable. How come?
I don’t understand. I am trying to solve this problem hours now. Even removed all the plugin I had, it never changed.
Please help me.
Actually I am completely new for this and this is the first time I am creating website. So please kindly help me.
Thank you.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please check to ensure that each post used in the slider has a feature image assigned to them.
Also, please check the post IDs to ensure that they are correct.

Best Regards,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes,each post used in the slider definitely has a feature image assigned to them.
The post IDs are totally correct as well.
That is why i don’t understand why it does not work…

Hi there

Let me check this from the backend if you have correct setup, please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case. Don’t forget to mark your reply as private! Thanks!
Colorlib Support Team

Thank you very much for kind reply.
URL is this.

I copy past my function php and header php from my WP page.
Is this work to find out what is wrong and what should i do?

Hi,If you need my WP user name and password to check and possible to fix it. Please let me know.
Thank you very much

yes, i need to access dashboard to check the settings, please send me your admin details here

user name: ryugaku-cyprus
password: b9umztw3eh

I thought it might be my plugin is the reason. Then,I removed all the plugin once to see it it will work though, it was the same thing and didn’t work.
So now I put back all the plugin back to work again.
Just let you know.
Thank you very much

Hello there,

I checked your WordPress and You have updates pending, one of which was a WordPress version 4.9.4 update. Please go to Dashboard > Updates and install the updates.

Best Regards,

I appreciate your kindness.
I made apdates of a WordPress version 4.9.4. But still the same…
What can i do…

Hello there,

I am still looking into this, you have the right settings and the post seem correct.
Could you please disable the third party plugins that you have active temporarily?
One of them may be affecting the slider.

Best Regards,

Now I stopped working all the plugin.
But still the same…

Hello there,

I am still unable to figure out the cause of the issue here.
Please go ahead and reactivate your plugins.

Did you add or remove any code from the theme?

Best Regards,

What i add is only the code of "Google Console"and “Google Adsense” to the “header php” for registering my site to google search and google adsense.

I also add the cord to “function php”,“style php”“hooter php” to create hooter menu which you didn’t have in your theme and I needed.

That is the only change I did.

Thank you.

Hope to find the way out.
Thank you very much for trying to figure out about this thing.

Hello, I still did not find out for slider working.

And one more probrem,
My main drop down menu doesn’t work right. I have accordion menu(Drop Down menu)
When i put the cursor to the parents menu,the accordion menu open and shows submenu(children menu) though.
But unable to click the submenu(children menu). only able to click parent menu.
Normally submenu(children menu) should get colored when I put the cursor there. And should be able to click there. But somehow I cannot. Could you tell me why?
Could you kindly check my function php to tell me my problem?

When I change the theme to other,my accordion menu work just fine for all of then except your theme.
But I really like your theme (design) and would like to use your theme.
So plz help me.

Thank you very much for the help.
I appreciate a lot.
The slider start to work normal! I am so glad to see that.

About the Drop down menu issue, could you help me how to do as well?

Hi sophia18

Sorry, but what is the problem with the menu? i just checked it and it works on desktop and on mobile screens as well, can’t see any problem, please add little bit more info on how to replicate the problem

Hi,please see attached file my screen shot with comment on.

Yes!Submenu faction is working on mobile and iPad.

But somehow from PC does not work right.

It shows drop down submenu though, it is not able to click each sub menu. Only parent menu is able to click.

I wonder why and experiment to changes the theme to few others, it work totally fine on other themes. I mean it was able to click sub menu as well.

But why it is disable on this theme now…?? I would like to fix it.

Please help me!

Hello there,

You can use the following CSS code to fix the menu issue by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

#main-nav ul li ul {
    top: 30px !important;

Best Regards,

Oh,Thank you so much. It fixed. I appreciate a lot.