Disable title animation opening menu on mobile

Hi, thank you for the awesome theme!

I have most of my desired CSS modifications figured out thanks to this forum, but there’s one I just don’t seem to find:

I have fixed the jumbotron image height on small screens to be much thinner, so more content fits on the screen of mobile browsers.

However, although the zoom-in animation of jumbotron image upon opening menu has stopped (which I’m absolutely okay with), the page title still slides down during said action. I would like to disable the downward movement of the title, for the menu to just overlay it.


Hi there

Please share ufl of your website and share the screenshot of the problem


Hi again, the URL is ondrawiener.mzf.cz.

As I wrote in the entry, the issue only occurs on mobile- when pop up menu is opened in other pages than the homepage (disabled title there), the title slides down (I’d like it to stay in place and be overalyed by the pop up menu). I’ll try to capture it in the picture below.



Ok, I see, this css code will fix the problem:

nav.responsive-menu {
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 99;

This worked perfectly, thanks!

Thanks :slight_smile:
Have a nice day