Display Problem

Hello, first of all, thank you very much for this theme.
I am French and I have a display problem on internet explorer 8.
The carousel is not displayed correctly as well as the menu.
Can you help me?
thank you very much!

It could be since IE8 was first released five years ago and discontinued more than 3 years ago.

But I would like to make it work on IE8 and I would appreciate if you could post a screenshot from website in IE8, so I can see how it looks and what should I improve. I would really appreciate your help.

thank you for your quick response. here’s the catch with internet explorer

and one with google chrome

as you can see, the carousel does not load correctly and the menu bar and facebook icon at the top right. think you can find me a solution? otherwise I will unfortunately have to make my site with a different theme. thank you very much

hebergement d image

heberger image

Thank you for screenshots.

It will be easy to fix slider for IE8 (there is issue with RGBA colors which is not recognized by IE) but still have no idea why menu is not displaying properly. Will have to do further investigation on that once I will get access to IE8.

Will keep you posted!