Display problems in Internet Explorer


I really enjoyed Travelify while building the following website: recmus.association.usherbrooke.ca.

However, when I tested it on Internet Explorer 10, there were a few display problems. The ones I noticed are:

  • Social network link (Facebook in my case) is not displayed
  • Logo in home page header is shifted down and partly lost under featured images slider
  • On home page, dropdown menus are lost under featured image slider
  • On home page featured image slider, transparency of textbox is lost.

If you could do anything, it would be very appreciated.

Thanks for your time and for the otherwise very nice theme.


i confirmed it

demo work fine in ie but my layout on wordpress no.

its possibile i need some more inside my installation?

here my demo: http://demo.astir.com:7777/wordpress/

i checked with IE11 that in demo (https://colorlib.com/travelify/) and my website (http://demo.astir.com:7777/wordpress/)

all proprieties social have:

media all behind

here example in https://colorlib.com/travelify/:

/media all/
.social-icons ul li.facebook a::before {
content: “\f207”;

in my site http://demo.astir.com:7777/wordpress/:

.social-icons UL LI.facebook A:before {
content: ‘’;

can we help Aigars ???

hi Jérémie your site work fine with ie11 how you solve it?

i tested another things when i resize the IE11 my website do not change its style like mobile device like the example… how its possibile?

i get MAD

for menu i add it to custom css i copy it in the example https://colorlib.com/travelify/. IT FIX ZINDEX FOR MENU

#main-nav {
z-index: 300;
#main-nav ul li ul, #main-nav ul li:hover ul ul, #main-nav ul ul li:hover ul ul, #main-nav ul ul ul li:hover ul ul, #main-nav ul ul ul ul li:hover ul ul {
z-index: 100;

@media (max-width: 767px) {
#primary {
max-width: 100%;

I have now porblem in social icon AND RESIZE !!! help please

Hi ilsergio. Thanks for the feedback. I did not fix the problem, or at least I did not try anything to do so.

Moreover, the behavior of the theme on IE is really stranger than what I thought. It works or does not work depending on the machine and/or on the combination machine/IE version. For example, here are a few tests I’ve made:

  1. Desktop computer #1 + IE 10 -> Display problems mentioned above
  2. Desktop computer #1 + IE 11 -> Display problems mentioned above
  3. Desktop computer #2 + IE 11 -> Display problems mentioned above
  4. Desktop computer #3 + IE 8 -> Just a few of the display problems
  5. Laptop #1 + IE 11 -> No display problem
  6. Laptop #2 + IE 9 -> No display problem

I really don’t know what to think about that and even less what to try next…

I welcome any idea at that stage…



I can add ilsergio that your site (http://demo.astir.com:7777/wordpress/) seems to work pretty well with my setups:

  1. Desktop computer #1 + IE 10
  2. Desktop computer #1 + IE 11
  3. Laptop #1 + IE 11

i have IE11 and laptop win7 64bit not work

do you see the same screenshot?


i clear the IE cache and now it works… :frowning:

Your website works fine on my machines (it doesn’t look like the screenshot). Cleaning the cache did not work for me, but thanks for the hint…

Don’t really know what to do next…