Displaying only one image on slider (Activello Site)


I set the slider and I thought I could create a static header by setting a featured image for one post but not for the others. Now, it seems that my slider appears and shows that image, and then dissapears when it should show the next posts, which don’t have any featured images.
Is there a CSS code that I could implement to prevent the slider from scrolling automatically or any other solution that would allow me to keep the first image as a static header.
I have tried the solution posted in this thread before:
Static Header/logo image (Activello Theme)
But the header was not responsive and it looked weird either on mobile devices or on the computer screen, so that solution is not ideal.

My site: www.mushroomguerrilla.com

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Ok, so I have figured out some sort of solution, but not quite.
If I configurate the Slider to display images from exclusively one Category and assign that category to the first post, the slider seems to display that image only. Now my problem is, I want the slider to appear on both the Spanish and English version of the site (I’m using polylang) and I can’t create a Category for both languages, so the slider looks good on the English version but not on the Spanish one.

Additionally, a grey square appears just below the slider when the main page loads on my cell phone, but it dissapears inmediatelly after I scroll down. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

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@mushroomguerrilla, your solution is great :slight_smile:
i just checked problem you explained in your second reply can to be honest i cant see the problem you provided, can you show me it on the screenshot? both languages, English and Spanish is normally visible for me

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Hey Noda,

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I was able to create a category for both languages with a plugin.

Now my only issue is the grey square that appears below the slider on mobile devices, which disappears inmediately once you scroll down in the page. I don’t think that square was there before. I have deactivated all my plugins one by one and none of them seemed to be causing the issue.

Do you have any idea of what might be causing that?

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I believe the reason grey square appears is that of this CSS.

.flexslider {
max-height: 346px !important;

You can either try removing the !important symbol or use the following CSS

@media (max-width: 768px){
.flexslider {
max-height: 108px !important;

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It worked really well, now the slider works for both mobile and big screens. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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