double image

Is there a pro version of sparkling?
is there a trick to get rid of double images?

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  1. Sorry but no :frowning:
  2. first image is featured image of the post, the second image is posted in the post content at the beginning of the post, you can use read more tags in the post itself to remove the second image, check this link for more about read more tags

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Thanks for your prompt reply
The posts are placed automaitcally so I will need another solution as i understand it correctly this “more tag” thingy is a manual operation Maybe there is a automated plugin I dont really want to change themes as I use sparkling a lot so I would rather find a auto solution Thanks

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Unfortunately, i don’t know such plugin to automatically add read more tags in the posts, this thing is always manually added by the blog editors, there is no logic to automate this process :frowning:

Colorlib Support Team