Doubts about the theme!


I recently see this theme and decided to change from Activello to NewspaperX, but I have some questions:

  • It is possible to put the social icons in the same line that the menu instead of the top bar? To disable it.
  • Can I add a link to the category in each section (as exclusives, campaigns, etc)?
  • Which are the recommended sizes of the “Post Thumbnails”

Best regards from México!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

  1. The social media icons ca be disabled or hidden from the page with some additional code.
  2. Adding a new link to the age design would require the aid of a third party developer to implement the change.
  3. The thumbnails are actually automatically generated from the featured image, the featured image can be larger than 1000x1000 px.

Best Regards,