Download links are missing

I’ve paid my annual renewal, but when I access templates, there is no download link and I cannot download them. Also, I’ve submitted this issue twice using the contact us form, but have received no response.

Hey there

Sorry for the delay, may I know the Email address you used for renewal?


The address is [email protected]

Hi there

Thanks, yes, I see you made a renewal but yet you don’t have downloaded anything, can you tell me wich template you wanted? I will provide it for you


I have unlimited access. I want to download whatever I want to whenever I want to, like it was initially. What’s going on? I see a lot of users complaining of the same thing. Where are the download links that should be available when a paid user is logged in to his account? If I have unlimited, then I should see a download link on every page of every template that I am looking at. I certainly see the buy now pricing grid which does not apply to me since I’ve already given you my money. I want links to show up.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

You should now be able to download templates.