Drop down menu disappears

Hello Colorlib

Initially I wanted to change my menubar so the items either spread out over the whole bar or at least were centered and I also tried to get the font bigger and bold. I found different codes in threads in this forum to add in the customize CSS area, but nothing really worked so I went back to ‘normal’ deleting the codes from the additional CSS area again. However things are not quite normal, as this messing with the codings have somehow left a gap between the menubar and the drop down menu, so now the drop down menu disappears before I can get the mouse over it, unless I do it very very quickly, and it always takes me some failed trials. That’s not how I like to present my pages to its users, so I would be very happy if you could somehow help me.
You can have a try of the menu issue: http://differentpartsofeverywhere.com

All the best, Dea

HURRAY, I just found a way to ‘close the gap’, so the real problem is solved.
But how can a customize the menubar so the items and the drop menu is either spread over the whole bar or centered? And can I change the font size and make it bold?
I hope it is okay to ask these simple questions here…
Best regards, Dea

Sorry for the delay here.

Do you still need assistance for it so we can help you?