Drop down menu is not working on Travelify


Ever since updating to 1.3.2 from 1.3.0, my submenus for navigation are acting strange. There’s about a 90% chance that when you move the cursor down from a main heading to a submenu to click a link, the menu will disappear. This is happening to me on your Demo blog as well, under Chrome / Windows 8 and Firefox / Windows 7.

Sorry I forgot to fix that issues. I will add it to the next theme update.

That “bug” was there the entire time not just after update to 1.3.2.

There is a tiny 0.5px gap between those items and you will notice this issue only if you are moving your mouse down to submenu slowly. Browsing regularly you won’t notice this.

Sorry for my inconvenience!

Ah, my bad. Thanks for the prompt reply, and the great theme.

No problem with that! This will be fixed in Travelify 1.3.3. Will see what else I can fix/improve before I release the new version but most likely it will happen sometime next week. Stay tuned!

I am having some issues with the dropdown ‘child’ pages. Everytime I try and actually do this on my site, the dropdown menu comes down my mouse is unable to run over the pages and clik on them. I am using Google Chrome. Please help!

I am aware of this issues. This will be fixed in the next theme version.

If you are moving mouse fast enough you won’t even notice this issues, but bug is bug and I will fix it.

Hi there. Love your design, but am having trouble with a client site. I can’t add pages to the menu. The pages simply aren’t there to view. Any thoughts?