Drop down menu not working on hover

Aigars, I am experiencing some problems with the menu. While hovering over a menu item the submenu opens. When I try to click on a sub menu item and I move the mouse, the sub menu disappears at that moment I try to pass the gap between the menu item and the sub menu item. The problem exists using Chrome Browser as well as using Firefox. Can you follow my explanation and reproduce? It seems to need some kind of luck to click the sub menuitem.

Furthermore I was wondering that in the mobile template there is no box with the post title within the featured slider. Current version of Chrome Browser on Android 4.3. Maybe this is desired behaviour, but I think it is not good as long as excluding the featured slider posts from the post list below.

Oh, I see. This is only when moving mouse very slowly down to the sub-menu. I can be fixed by adding 0.5px to it. So there is a very tiny, tiny gap. Could release this as fix for the future version.

For now you can add this to Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS or on your style.css if you are using Child Theme.

#main-nav ul li ul {
    top: 40.5px;

Featured text on slider won’t show for devices with screen width lower than 767px. This means that it will show on iPad (portrait and landscape) but won’t work any most mobile phones. The thing is that featured text becomes too small to be readable or it overlaps content, menu etc. It is possible to make it work for smaller devices I wouldn’t recommend to do so unless you use only title without excerp

Yes, it fixed the problems with the menu. Thx.

If I want to change the featured slider for smartphone anyway, where do I need to adapt the 767 px and where can I setup to only show the title?

To get rid of the excerpts for featured slider just remove these three lines from header-extensions.php

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 11.06.06 PM

To display featured text on images remove these lines form style.css

.featured-title,.featured-content,.featured-text {
	display: none;

However, I would at least consider moving it to

@media only screen and (max-width: 319px)

This will remove featured text for devices with screen width lower than 319px. Otherwise for that small screens there most likely will be featured text overlapping issues but it is up to you to decide.