Dropdown menu hover colour changer

Hi, thanks for your previous help.

On andythenortherndiver.com I’ve added dropdown menus but rhe text colour is unreadable so I need to change the hover colour to #007cba

This is also a problem when the menu is used to navigate to a page, when I want to navigate again the page I am currently on’s title is unreadable, if possible the colour of choice would be #007cba

Please can you advice the correct code for this?


Hi Andy

Try this css code and let me know the results, it may require some extra code:

.main-navigation .menu > li > ul li a {
color: #007cba !important;

Nice website by the way

That does the job thank you, but now I need to figure out the code for the text to be white :slight_smile:

Hi andy, your website is now completely blank,

is this something you know why?

No I’ve seen it happen a few times now when I’m logged off, hopefully it’s sorted now though, it may be a dodgy plug-in

Ok, now it’s live :slight_smile:

when do you want your text to be white? on hover?