Dropdown menu not working

Hello authors of Dazzling theme.

First of all thanks for your free and beautiful theme. I am using it on my website http://www.wiredmark.com/ but I am having a little problem I hope you will be able to fix.

Basically I cannot create a menu entry with submenus.

When I create the menu entry and put, let’s say two submenus under it, I cannot hover/click that entry to open the submenus.

This not even works while using the dropdown-header as Title Attribute (if I correctly understood how it works).

I hope you will be able somehow to fix my problem…
thanks a lot!


Basically is this what I want to achieve.

A simple menu with a submenu. as in the demo


Ok I got what dropdown-headers is for, and has nothing to do with submenus.

I cannot create more than 2 level menus, and this is ok. But I cannot even access the first level. When i click on the top level menu, submenus dont show up. It just doesn’t open.

I fixed it by going on Easy Bootstrap Shortcode Settings.

Change Bootstrap JS File to Bootstrap JS File. It would be a good thing to write it in the guide.

Thank you for pointing this out! Will definitely add this to Theme Documentation!

Shortcode support is brand new and I didn’t have time to add to doc yet.

It was a pain to solve this case… so obvious but still so hard to link the two things for me.

Glad to be of help for anyone else out here reading and for the documentation :slight_smile: If i post a problem and find myself the solution in the end, I always come back to explain how I did it.

Thank you! Really appreciate your effort! :slight_smile:

Thanks WiredMark - Saved me hours!!!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Hey, I don´t really get it. I have the same problem. I even downloaded the Easy Bootstrap Shortcode plugin.

But you wrote: “Change Bootstrap JS File to Bootstrap JS File.”

Change what to what?


If menu is not working when “Easy Bootstrap Shortcode” plugin is disabled then you are having completely different problem.

You don’t need this plugin to make dropdown menus to work. If you have it enabled then you have to properly configure it to make it work perfectly well with theme itself. Otherwise menu should work by default.

Hey there,

As far as I can see your menu http://www.wiredmark.com/ doesn’t work the way I want a menu to work!
If I click a button on the main level there’s a page behind that opens. BUT if that button on the main level has one or two sublevels it doesn’t open, there seems to be nothing behind.

Is that the way a menu should work?

I have the same problem and I’m looking for a solution! Is there one???

Please, please, please … http://stilprofiler.se