Dropdown Menu, the menu disappears before the bottom.

Hi there,

Great theme, the most reliable free wordpress theme I’ve ever used.
(Really well built, well done)

I’ve come up against a problem though with the drop down menus.

The menu list has become quite long 14 items, the drop down shows all the menu contents fine, but when I hover over the list and go down to the bottom of the list, the list disappears before the user can click on the bottom links of the list.

The webpage is here:

The menu I’m having problems with is:
Articles -> the bottom two Kyushu Sweets and Kyushu Illuminations, disappear before the user can hover over them.

I’m wondering what could be the cause.
Its the same in firefox, and chrome. So I don’t think its browser related.

If you have any ideas it would be appreciated.

Long menu conflicts with slider navigation (those dots at the bottom of the slider), so when users hovers all the way down theme starts to think that you are now looking to click on slider controls instead of menu controls.

There are multiple options how to fix this.

  1. Remove navigation controls completely.
#controllers {
  display: none;
  1. Style them differently
#controllers {
    width: 200px;
    margin-left: 40%;
  1. Or make your menu shorter because it is quite some travel users needs to make to get all way to the bottom of that list.

Both code snippets I mentioned above can be added inside Custom CSS field that you can find under Appearance - Theme Options - Other. Don’t use both at the same time but use one that you prefer.

Thanks very much, sorry I didn’t say thanks earlier! :slight_smile: