Dropdown Menu with more than 2 sublevels

Hi, can someone explain me how to add multi leve menu in this theme…like this

This theme is based on Bootstrap 3 frontend framework which doesn’t support more than one sub menu level. We have no plans to make hacky solution specially for this theme and as long as Bootstrap won’t support multiple sub-menu level this theme won’t support it either.

However, here you can find a solution that will work for this theme. It is originally wrote for Sparkling theme but with very little tweaking you will be able to make it work for Dazzling as well.

Thanks for response. I am not very good in this… do You have some tutorial how to integrate this code in Dazzling…Its very important to me…THANKS!


Can’t recall I have wrote any specific tutorial for this but this is not about coding but about searching things. Instead of searching for anything “Sparkling” on mentioned on tutorial you should look for “Dazzling”. It is really not difficult and you don’t need to write your code.