Dropdown Menue not working on mobile

On my Site https://filme-buecher-mehr.de/ the Dropdown Menue are not working on mobile =/

My dropdown menu on belaroundtheworld.com is not working on mobile either. kindly advise.

Hi there to both of you,

The dropdown menus worked for us on both of those site without a hitch.
Maybe we are missing something or this is happening on specific devices and browser.
Could you check and inform us on which browsers and devices this issue is on.


Yeah on Desktop the Dropdown Menue works fine, but on Mobile that isn´t working =/
I have tried this with several browsers.

Chrome on Android. Not working.

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Please deactivate all third party plugins and try again your problem, most probably this I conflict with third-party plugins.
Once you deactivate all plugins please check your problem again, if the problem is gone then this means it was a plugin conflict. Now, start activating plugins one by one and same time repeat your problem until your problem appears again, now you know which plugin was in conflict

warm 400, your menu is working for me

This is how it looks fpr me. And i deaktivate all my Plugins on WP.
No Dropdown, all my sites are shown open =/

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Does the menu close when you tap the button on the top left?

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Yeah the Menue close.
But why it doesnt look like that menue?! (iths a Screenshot from an other Theme)
Can i do this also with the Activello Theme?

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Other themes use other menu styles, :slight_smile:
you can achieve this style by the third party plugins, your menu is exactly same as our menu:

I deactivated all my plugins but the menu button on mobile is still not responding at all. Please advise. belaroundtheworld.com


you have so many elements in the menu im not sure if such a basic menu style of our theme suits your needs, so, Try this plugin, WP Mobile Menu – The Mobile-Friendly Responsive Menu – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org


It was working earlier with my current menu style. I only noticed recently that it didn’t work

@mademoisellebel right now you have 3 mobile menus, you must decide which one to use, top menus on the right and left is working fine, bottom one on the left side does not works and i think its caused by the third party plugins, please deactivate every single plugin and try again, also, make sure theme and plugins are updated

i’ve updated the theme. i don’t like the external mobile menu plugin as it is out of line with my theme. is there any way you can fix the menu button? i’ve deactivated my plugins before but it doesn’t work. it never gave me any problems in the past.

Hello @mademoisellebel,

Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect the menu?

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Belaroundtheworld.com. have indicated it in my earlier replies as well.

Hi there,

The menu on that site behaves just like the one here https://colorlib.com/activello/ in that there are no drop downs in the mobile menu.

The items that are under a top level menu item are shown indented to indicate they are under it.
The menus are the same and I think it was clarified that the Activello menu does not show the drop down menu items on click but they are just placed under the top level menu items indented.

Sorry to sound contradictory but we cannot find anything wrong with your menu on your site.

please see this old thread where i had the same problem the last time: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/menu-not-showing-on-mobile-2/

I tried to install responsive menu and mobile menu plugins but both plugins don’t work. kindly advise how i can make the menu button on the top left of my mobile site active.

HI @mademoisellebel

The problem you have with the menu is triggered by third party plugins or codes implementation, menu works normally in the WordPress without plugins and without customization, most probably this is caused by add-ons in the WordPress, once you deactivate all this codes menu will work 100%, if you don’t want to choose this way you can always use third party menu plugins, like you have one activate now, but in this time if you have problems with such plugin you have to contact plugin authors
let me know what you decide, if you want to debug default menu then we must deactivate everything on the website