Dropdown menus and link colors do not show up in Edge/Internet Explorer.


this is a pretty major issue. Not one single dropdown menu works when using Internet Explorer or Edge as your preferred browsers. You can check it out by visiting https://colorlib.com/shapely/ with Internet Explorer and Edge and hover the ‘Level 1’ menu link for example.

Also, as you can see in the browser, the color link of the main menu remains the same light blue color. No matter which other colors you choose.

Hi there

I saw your message here in this ticket and i already sent my reply: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/ie-and-edge-not-showing-dropdown-hover-menus/#post-265107

Side note, this problem is already reported to developers

Ah thanks! Good to know they’re aware of it.

Thank you, Martijn, is your problem resolved now?