Duplicate Front Page Content

Is it possible to duplicate the front page content on another page? I want to create the same “static front page” on another page of my site in another language.


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In order to duplicate the front page, you would have to create a duplicate of the frontage template and customize it because the front page uses widgets to populate it.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to Appearance > Editor and choose Static Front Page(frontpage.php)
  2. Copy the contents into a text file and name it whatever you like then add a Template Name on top of the code.
  3. Upload this PHP file to the wp-content/themes/Illdy/ folder using FTP.
  4. Go to Pages > Add New. On the right panel, choose the New Template you’ve added.

Publish and view the page.

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Please could you explain this part in detail for someone with limited coding experience:

then add a Template Name on top of the code.

So far, I have copied the contents of frontpage.php into a new text file and named as new_template.php

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The template name would simply entail adding a comment (Using /**/) to the code. Here is an example:


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Hi, I have the same issue as this topic… I’m trying to create a second static home page to have 2 languages. I followed the steps above, but it doesn’t work.

I’m assuming the frontpage.php which is copied into a text doc, saved as a .php is added to wp-content/themes/Illdy/ via the hosting provider, correct?

it’s been done, I tried it adding the /TEMPLATE NAME/ to the top of the file, and also tried without it. kept refreshing the pages on the hosting and on WP, and the template option still doesn’t show up when adding a new page in WP. The only options I get on the right panel ‘template’ section are ‘Default Template’, ‘Left Sidebar’, and ‘No sidebar’.

Could you please help me out with this??