Duplicate testimonials section?


Do you guys know if it’s possible to have the testimonials section two times on the front page, but with different content?

Any idea on how to do that?


Hello Alberto,

Unfortunately, achieving something like this would require extensive custom work.

First, even if you can replicate the current testimonial with new content, the homepage section number is fixed and limited.

There’s of course different ways to achieve this, like creating a first testimonial section, get all the code and styling and drop it in a new created section that needs to be imported in the homepage… and only after that continue with the second testimonial from the dashboard settings.

But any solution I can think of implies core files modifications, therefore creating also a child theme for this and so much more.

To be honest, it’s unclear why you’d need 2 testimonials sections, but I suspect that you are looking for the slider function, mostly, so the solution to this could be using a text widget where you can drop various codes.

If the above does not get you forward with the setup and you are looking for any premium dedicated custom work you can add me on skype (Ion Rutz) for more details.