Dutch translation

Dutch translation can be found here.
Ofcourse it can be used in the next update of the theme.

I really appreciate your time and effort to make this theme better and more international! Thank you!

Like I already mentioned you are now featured on Colorlib contributor page

Dutch translation can already be found on theme Github version and soon will be pushed to WordPress repo as well.

Thank you!

Just perfect, already found out it could use some fine-tuning, but I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Just got a question, when I’m using the > in the custom style field it gets converted to html. Makes it harder to edited the CSS without customizing files. And I don’t like to do that because I like updates. :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out! Will see if I can get around that one as well. Not sure why it is not sanitized by default but I am about to find out.

Meanwhile you can use something like Jetpack plugin which comes with Custom CSS among other awesome modules. If you are not using Jetpack, I really recommend to look into it.

Now I feel really stupid, created so many websites with WordPress but never for my own website. Thought I could do it a bit more difficult for myself because I would still understeand it. Ofcourse JetPack is the easiest solution. Thanks

I’ve just updated the translation, it’s on the same address to download.

That was fast! :slight_smile:

I already pushed your translation to Github and you can see it here: https://github.com/puikinsh/Sparkling

This version is slightly ahead of one available in WordPress.org but it will be moved there eventually, so everyone can receive it via automated update.

Thank you again for your contribution!