Ebs issues on static home page


I am facing ebs issues while editing the associated “static page” of the homepage. Indeed, the shortcodes are not executed and just showing text. I tested the same shortcodes (column & image-effect) on a test page and it worked. Any idea on how to fix this?


Hi @thomz,

Could you send us more informations on your issue? Your website link, printscreen, etc



I’m also facing this issue. I’m using Timeline Express, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Tried Contact Form shortcode as well. Shortcodes work just fine in posts. They do not work on the home page nor in text widgets attached to sections on the homepage.

I’ve tried disabling plugins. Tried adding Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin. So far no luck. Any ideas.

Hi @grizzly,

The shortcodes are not working due to a bug, I just forward the issue to the developer team.

I will keep you updated.