Edit Menu on Homepage?

Hi there,
I’ve added 7 elements to the Main Menu on the homepage, but one element would go on a second row underneath all the other elements instead of staying in the same line. How can I fix this? Is there a way to expand the widget area? Is there a way to edit font size? What would be the best fix for this?
I’m running the website on a localhost using MAMP, tell me if you would need it online to better answer my request!

Thank you,

hey there

This can be fixed but only by custom CSS, unfortunately, I can’t do anything until you not upload staging version of your site online

Alright, thank you very much.
I don’t mind touching CSS, but what should I do to let you login in the website after I put it online?
Any particular safe login policies I should follow?
Thank you for your support and have a good day,

Hi Leonardo

Just update this ticket and i will take a look :slight_smile: