Edit Spacing of Blog Sidebar Titles

hey! looking for some CSS help in regards to the Blog page Sidebar.

The title (in this instance “Follow Me”) appears with a yellow line and a large space between the line and the widget content. How can I minimise this space so it is the same as the space between the title and line? Happy to test numbers as long as I know the code that I need to edit.

Also how do i change the space before the title? i.e between the title text and the PREVIOUS widget content? See image 2.

Thank you so much in advance! :slight_smile:


Please provide live preview (website) so I can look for a CSS solution.


Hi! Of course, its http://hannahdossary.com

It would also be great if I could edit the spacing between the title and the yellow line underneath. Sorry, I know I’m being fussy!

Thanks so much in advance!


Try this CSS:

.widget .widget-title{
margin-bottom: 10px;
.widget {
 margin-bottom: 10px;
.widget .widget-title:before{
bottom: 20px;