Edit to Style.css does not save

When I navigate on my Wordpress Dashboard to Appearance > Theme Editor, the changes do not save. The error message is:

“Something went wrong. Your change may not have been saved. Please try again. There is also a chance that you may need to manually fix and upload the file over FTP.”

Bluehost spent 2 hours with me, trying to make the changes from their end, disabling all plugins, and downgrading the Wordpress version, in case the Shapely theme was not compatible with the upgrade. All efforts failed.

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Sorry, but this is not theme related problem, you may have exact same problem on any other WordPress theme, most probably this is not a proper file permission problem, please check this link fr more information:

According to my hosting company, Bluehost, we looked at this article, and all permissions are correct, we disabled all security plugins, and we are not using WAF, therefore I was instructed to contact ColorLib.

In the meantime, I spoke with another Wordpress user who had the same problem with Shapely theme today.


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When it comes to adding CSS it is best to add it via Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS. Adding the CSS to the Style.css file will may get deleted when the theme updates so it is not recommended to add css to that file.

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Custom CSS works great for changing the font family, but I cannot find the font color on the parallax sections. Can you point me to the style.css code that I need to overide with custom css?

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In this case, editing theme files are handled by WordPress function, it clear that this can not be a theme problem
title color in parallax section can be changed by adding this code in appearance > customize > additional css:

.image-bg h1 {
color: #ca2020;
.image-bg p, .image-bg li {
color: #c00;

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let us know if you need anything else