Editing grid width in gallery block

just a question about the grid sizes esp the width in wp gallery block. The grid looks perfect for me as an admin on shapely back end. But what a difference to the appearance on the published site. The visitor enounters a much wider the grid, the fotos in gallery grid view are much smaller than. For what reason does this happen? How can I ensure to publish that grid which is shown on admins back end view?

As allways every hint is very much welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve tried another gallery plugin on my shapely site. This plugin works well with the new 2022 theme.

But unfortunately on my shapely site the same results: The exact defined gutter is much to big when displayd on backend. Defined is the gutter as 7 px but on published site it is about 50px.

What could be the reason for this unwanted behavior? Hopefully there is a small line of code which could fix it :slight_smile:

Hi there

Can you please provide a screenshot of the problem? and link to the website?



it has the same effect with wordpress gallery block

Hi there

You can use this css code to fix your problem:

.wp-block-gallery.has-nested-images figure.wp-block-image {
    padding: 7px !important;